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Tina Luo created Storyigami as a way to turn her long time hobby of origami and paper art into a sustainable and eco-friendly business.


Starting out as a bespoke origami jewellery collection, Storyigami has now expanded into many creative projects, such as creating window displays, sets used in advertisement, wedding decor, and conducting workshops for all ages.


Origami and paper artist based in London. Tina received a BArch Degree in Architecture from the Glasgow School of Art in 2016 and has since worked with paper artists for clients including Innocent Drinks, Google, Starbucks and Prada. Tina has her own bespoke origami jewellery collection, storyigami, and is part of the multidisciplinary art collective, Just Another Collective. Tina had her first solo show, Moving Through Folds, in 2019.

Specialising in model making and designing with paper, Tina hand-folds each paper unit to create her sculptural origami pieces as a response to her perspective of nature. Her passion to use paper is driven by how subtly tangible it is to our everyday lives. Being such an accessible material, it allows people from all ages to address it with an open mind, starting from a single fold into the material, art can become an approachable expressive outlet for anyone. As each folded unit comes together to create the final sculpture, the relationship between the bigger picture and small details allows the viewer to see the structural integrity of such a simple material, filled with endless amounts of creative freedom.

2405 Silver Lining Stop Motion BTS.00_00_18_16.Still001.png
Moving Through Space (2).jpg
Imperial Lates -Infectious, Origami Outbreak (9).jpeg


London, UK

Tel: +44(0)7415486898

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